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Portable Wireless Electronic Vibration Heating Massage Belt

Portable Wireless Electronic Vibration Heating Massage Belt

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Product Description


Heated vibrating sports belt


The main heat meter can relieve abdominal discomfort and lower back discomfort caused by fatigue


Two motors are installed inside the product, one on the left/right side


The higher the internal configuration, the more significant the slimming effect


Promote body shape through frequency vibration and exercise belt


Aid digestion, healthy exercise


The electronic exercise band provides professional warm exercise massage, so that you can successfully shape without going to the gym. Not only can it help you stay in shape, but it can also relieve stress, improve physical condition, and promote the effect of physical exercise.


Even if you don't use it to get in shape, you can still use it to ease the discomfort of your period so it doesn't torment you/your partner anymore




Heating temperature :35-60 degrees Celsius


3 vibration intensities :9-18


Input voltage :100-240V


Rated voltage :24W


Usage time :15-30 minutes


Easy to carry, you can take it with you


You can take it anywhere you like because it's designed wirelessly. You can use it while working, walking, exercising, or sleeping. Enjoy the ultimate massage experience


What's in the package?


Sports Massage band * 1


Charging cable * 1


User Manual * 1

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